Hi Wayne

Just wanted to say that we are very happy with our new air conditioning system- it has certainly been put through it’s paces over the last couple of days!

It is meeting all our needs - it is quiet operationally, unobtrusive and simple to operate. When we set out on the search for an air conditioning system, we received 3 quotes and interestingly, all 3 were recommending different sizes and so we were left most confused.

Wayne, I can say we are very comfortable with the choice we have made. The air conditioner works a treat & what’s more, we were able to achieve this with a smaller unit that what the others were quoting and with this, can now see we would have wasted money by opting for the larger systems with the possibility that they would have cost a lot more to operate.

Thank you very much for your assistance with the design and installation of the system. We particularly would like to thank Harley (and Jack) for a seamless transition from the old to the new.

We would certainly recommend Ultima Air to anyone who was looking to upgrade.

Kind regards

Karen and Peter,

Dear Wayne,

We would very much like to thank you and your installers at Ultima Air for your design and recent installation of a Panasonic ducted air conditioning system in our 1920’s bungalow. Our old ducted system was extremely noisy and ineffective. We were amazed at the efficiency of your installers who arrived exactly on time, removed our old air conditioning unit along with all the old ducting, air vents and motors, and installed the total new unit, new air vents and motors and ducting all in the one day! On completion we were given a thorough explanation on how to use all of the controls.

We are very pleased with the way the new system operates - it is very quiet and the 10KW unit is more than adequate to provide air conditioning our house both in winter and summer. We had quotes from two other air conditioning firms, both of which advised larger units (a 12KW unit in one case and and a much larger 14 KW unit in the other case), the initial costs of which were not only going to be much more expensive initially than the 10Kw system which you installed, but also more expensive to run.

We were grateful to have someone such as yourself with a great number of years experience and knowledge in the air conditioning industry to design a system based on our individual needs , namely two of us living in part of the house for the majority of the time, but with the ability to use controlled zoning to extend heating or cooling to other areas of the house when family and guests stay with us from time to time. We were very pleased with the whole process from start to finish and not only is the new unit very effective and efficient it is also whisper quiet. We would recommend Ultima for their undoubted expertise and also very competitive cost.

Many thanks again.

David and Jill,
Glenelg South

Dear Wayne,

I have transferred the money in payment of your invoice for upgrading the air distribution system at my home.

I am very pleased to report that the new arrangement is a success - air flows so much more freely to the areas I wanted, and the rooms warm up very quickly to a comfortable level.

This is course is contrary to the way it was left by the previous air conditioning company who in their wisdom thought that by replacing the indoor and outdoor units only with a new inverter ducted system would fix all my problems.

Prior to you upgrading the air distribution system in the ceiling my home, the air conditioning system would take up to 3 hours to get the place warm. Since the upgrade, I’m happy to report that my home gets warm in under 10 minutes.

Quite an amazing turn around and exactly the result I was looking for.

You were able to identify the floors within the new air conditioning system straight away which was amazing. The end result is that now my home reaches temperature so easily means the air conditioner will be so much more energy efficient.

Thank you for effectively addressing the issues I was experiencing and for providing an air conditioning solution that now works so extremely well.

Kind regards,


Hi Wayne,

I just wanted to touch base to let you know that the work you and your installers recently did to our existing air conditioning system has been exceptional so far.

I have deliberately waited to see how the old units performed with the enhancements so we could experience the performance on both the heating and cooling.

The unit is working really well. It still struggles a little after a few really hot days with when the sun pours in through the westerly facing windows but overall, the changes improved our air conditioning system tremendously. We can now also notice the unit winding down as it meets it target temperature and I think we have had noticed improvement in the electricity bill as a result.

Thanks again for not taking the easy way out and insisting on replacing the existing units that were really only 8 or so years old. This has not only saved us a considerable upfront investment, but it has allowed continued use of a functional a/c but with more control of zones etc and with much better performance.

You went the extra mile and as such have restored my faith in customer service so thank you!

Kind Regards,


Hi Wayne,

We are happy to advise that the new Panasonic air-conditioning system works like a gem, it’s quiet, very efficient and easy to operate. We are extremely pleased that we took your advice and decided to use ‘Ultima Air’ to install our new system. The installation teams that fittedthe system were all friendly and efficiently did what they had to do, so thanks to them too!

In conclusion we both thank you for your expert advice and friendly assistance.

Regards Rob and Anne
Linden Park

Dear Wayne,

Thank you so much for everything you have done to help us have a functioning air-conditioner in our home.

Living in northern Adelaide extremities can be exceptionally uncomfortable without a functioning air conditioner, so when our 15 year old system stopped working just prior to Christmas I expected that we would be subjected to considerable uncomfortable delays due to Christmas/New Year shut downs.

Our old reverse-cycle ducted system had never really been an effective unit so decided it was time to look at a replacement. In the hope to expedite this process I researched air conditioning models and selected the Actron Air air conditioner as my preferred brand and hastily sent off three on-line requests for quotes for comparison over the Xmas break (not expecting to hear back from anyone until early January when everyone was back from leave). 

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply email from yourself on Boxing Day while you were indeed on leave interstate requesting additional information to be able to provide a quote ‘site unseen’.  I was further humbled when he contacted us on New Years’ Day to follow-up and visit the property (while still on leave) to view the current set up to be able to forward a firm quote.  You were passionately knowledgeable and confirmed the current duct layout was inadequate and so set about re-engineering to achieve a desirable outcome.

Our new system was installed 3 weeks following my initial enquiry, which I feel is no mean feat considering the time of year. The tradesmen arrived at 6.45am and worked in teams to de-commission our old unit and to get our new one up and running in a very timely and efficient manner (by 2.00pm) on a day of 36C.  And they cleaned up after themselves leaving the house as they found it!

Our new system was tested out the next day at 38C and I can honestly say we have never been more comfortable in such heat and we enjoyed a great nights sleep.

Our experience with everyone at Ultima Air, from yourself to the tradesmen, has been nothing short of exceptional displaying the highest integrity and respect towards us at all times.  I am in total awe of your customer service…something I have not experienced for quite some time and a measure and testament to your excellent organisation.

A number of my friends whom I have told of our experience have written down the name of your organsiation and I have no doubt they will be in contact with you when they are requiring a similar service.

Warm regards

Macdonald Park

Hi Wayne

Thank you for suggesting the heating and cooling systems for our home and granny flat. We are fortunate we took your advice and experience as are very satisfied with the performances of the systems. We have experienced hot and cold weather and are grateful that you were referred to us. Thanks once again for great customer service.

Kind regards,

Ian and Jackie Moult
Littlehampton SA

Dear Wayne,

Your boys are great, quality work &a,p; true professionals. We are very impressed.

Symphony Constructions

Thanks Wayne for your Professional approach to this matter. A few points should be noted:

  • From the way you briefed me in plain english on the phone of your reason why we should use this system (it makes perfect sense).

  • To making an effort to inspect the site to get an understanding of what is required and getting your head around it all.

  • To the information you have provided to the client by phone and email (makes them more confident in you and me and the product)!!

If only you provided classes to teach other sub contractors how customer service is done!!

Kind Regards.

Darko Mitanovski
Director | Business Affairs

Luxury Built
LB Commercial

Dear Wayne,

Thank you for the fantastic outcome of overhauling the reverse cycle airconditioning system at our new house. The system works perfectly now and relocating the compressor was a brilliant solution to the noise issue for both our neighbours and ourselves.

From my experience I would be very happy to recommend you and your company as your service was distinctly different and highly professional compared to other companies that I sought advice from. Your problem-solving approach to reconfiguring the existing system and upgrading components has produced a great result and saved us around $10,000 compared to complete replacement. Your thoroughness in assessing the room layout and air volumes to plan an efficient system has improved the system performance noticeably. The team of installers were excellent and the job was completed exactly when promised.

Yours sincerely,

Lyn, Medindie

Dear Wayne,

We wanted to let you know how fantastic every person was who helped out on the installation of our new ActronAir ducted system today. We have never had such a great group of workers here! Its obvious to us that you are very selective to ensure you have the right people working for you and representing your company.

We would not hesitate to recommend you to any of our friends or family.

Thanks again and kind regards,

Anna & Tony, Netley SA

Hi Wayne,

I am grateful for all of your help and for attaching my receipt.

Yes I did forget about the Rebate Claim but I am onto it now, thank you for the reminder.

Great doing business with you Wayne and your contractors were great, the air conditioner/s have been installed neatly and tidily, an excellent job, please pass on my thanks once again to the guys and thank you Wayne.


Helen E. Andrews Farm

When our 10 year old (plus) ducted air-conditioning system was malfunctioning Wayne Carvosso was contacted to provide advice on the status of the system. Prior to Wayne’s inspection we had initially thought that the unit was unrepairable or uneconomical to repair. As such we also sought quotes from other suppliers to compare product and prices etc for a new unit to connect to our existing ducting.

Wayne attended our house promptly and conducted an audit of the legacy system including an inspection of the roof space, ducting, fan coil unit and other equipment. Wayne was the only person of those we contacted who physically checked the status of our current system by getting into the roof space. He also advised us to have our current unit assessed by a refrigeration technician. Wayne provided a contact for this purpose – the technician diagnosed our problem at a very reasonable cost. Other suppliers were only interested in selling us a complete system (regardless of the cost) rather than addressing our air-conditioning and budgetary needs.

During this time Wayne also took the measurements of our home and suggested a number of options from the ActronAir range. ActronAir is an Australian company - the systems are manufactured in Australia to meet the extreme local climatic conditions. We were very satisfied with the ESP Plus System proposed by Wayne and the quoted price.

As it transpired the refrigeration technician was able to source the component required to repair our old system and return it to satisfactory operation; this enables us to get a little bit more life out of the old system. However, in due course, we intend to replace the old system as it consumes a lot of power. When we replace our system we intend using Ultima Air to do the work.

In conclusion, in contrast to other air-conditioning suppliers we contacted, Ultima Air met our needs (including value for money) in timely, courteous and professional manner. Wayne is passionate about his company, product and the needs of his customers. We’ll be coming back to Ultima Air for our new system.

Mick Morris OAM JP Windsor Gardens SA


  • Karen and Peter, Magill
  • David and Jill, Glenelg South
  • Judy, Hahndorf
  • Shyamal, Mictham
  • Rob and Anne, Linden Park
  • Bronnie, Macdonald Park
  • Ian and Jackie Moult, Littlehampton SA
  • Janet, Symphony Constructions
  • Darko, LB Group
  • Lyn, Medindie
  • Anna & Tony, Netley SA
  • Helen E., Andrews Farm
  • Mick Morris OAM JP, Windsor Gardens